Thursday, 21 October 2010

P.S.T :frost bite of the vag

P.S.T ( pointless story thursday )

my friend has come to visit me and whilst on her journey from her house to mine, she came across a large crowd of young adults drunk and disorderly roaming through the streets of southampton on a night known as CARNAGE. To those of you who are unaware of this event, it's basically a massive pub crawl with everyone wearing the same t-shirt which acts as a license to get into a load of bars for free and get well and truly pissed. When you're apart of carnage it's jokes. But when your sober walking through town watching people on carnage, it's even more jokes. Anyway the reason why I'm blabbing on about this carnage shiz is to explain the title of this post. The whole idea of carnage is that the girls make the t-shirt as sexy as possible, however some girls practically wear just the t-shirt allowing body parts that shouldn't been seen by others in public, to be on show. And because of how freezing cold it is during this october month, my friend mentioned that the girls better be careful incase they get 'frost bite of the vag'. So thats my little pointless story on a thursday....

This isn't the finished product but just a quick sketch on my foot I did at Uni yesterday. Needs to be better shaded but not bad for my first attempt at body art!

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