Wednesday, 5 January 2011


sales are on, loans are in (along with all the leftover christmas money) so of course shopping is what January is all about. Shopping and Uni work that is :( And me being me, have left it all to last minute and should be filling a sketchbook as I speak instead of bloggin but I just couldn't help but share some of my purchases :)

From top to bottom: green velvet long top, charity shop - Gold & Black lace floral top, charity shop - Black and white skirt, topshop - Denim jacket with studs, Primark.

Appoligies on the poor quality of the photographs, my friend has my memory card so I can't use my camera without it!


what i wore last night on a night out with the gals:

Levi shorts, vinatege, ebay - top (as seen above) the charity shop one! - Shoes miss selfridge - gold necklaces, one home made, other from primark! And my friend Charlottes dress is from Zara and its stunning!! leather at top and black cotton fabric below chest area- defo gonna borrow it off her!

Hope you have all been treating yourself this January too, you gotta start the new year with new outfit, or even better outfits! happy shopping ladies and gents :D


  1. looking gorgeous missy. you have to take me on one of these charity shop rounds one day. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. name the time and place babe and i'll take ya :)xoxo