Saturday, 11 September 2010

The black clouds around your eyes soften me

  So I've moved back to Southampton now, on the hunt for a part-time job to gather some funds to pay towards my survival of second year. Which basically consists of alcohol, cigarettes, clothes and minimal food. So I went out today to give out CV's and ended up in 'Prada'mark spending far too much money on nice things I don't they are nice so it's okay :)
So these are my buys of the week: Each item was £13 I think, primark is getting pricey!

Sorry the pictures arn't great and please ignore my other attire and lack of picture of the jumper on its own but I'm completely un-organised right now and only planned on a quickie post! I also bought a pair of boys trackies, but you don't want to see those! They're just for me to bum around the house in! Note to all the girls out there though, always buy men's hoodies and trackies for yourself instead of ladies, they're way more baggy and comfy!
My love goes out to those who have lost loved ones on this date in 2001.
peace and love