Friday, 28 January 2011

amazing shadow art

by artists Kumi Yamashita and Tim Noble + Sue Webster

my week in photos

1) Me with a bald cap on. This week at uni were learnt how to put them on and make them up etc, was very funny seeing everyone with them on - I never realised how big my ears were until I was bald!
2) My grandparents house - me and my friend Sarah decided to take road trip to Bournemouth for the day/night and stayed at my grandparents which was really nice because they have a lush house and my nans cooking is amazing! We had Roast Pork and it was delish!
3) Highcliff Beach. On route to B-mouth we stopped off at Highcliff castle and went to the beach. It was beautiful so calm and peaceful, very windy and cold though, hence the 'windswept and interesting' look i'm working haha
4) Lava. Wednesday night we hit Bournmouth Town and went to a few bars and clubs, this was taken in Lava (in the toilets where else! lol) sarah, me & naomi - who attends Bournemouth uni who I know from home, was nice to see her again. 
5&6) My friends house party last night. Was a funny night - don't remember much! ha which the last photo reveals! 

hope you've all had a fun week :)
 i'm looking forward to having  nice relaxed weekend now. lots of uni work to do though :( 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Anatomy of Change

Thierry Mugler Fashion Show
The body art is incredible! I love it - very Gareth Pugh combined with All Saints.
Song: lady gaga - from new album born this way

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

new top

This is a picture of myself and my friend Mel on tuesday night at a club/bar called 90degrees in Southampton. I recently bought the top I'm wearing from Topshop and thought it needed to loose it's night out virginity. Reminds me of a peacock but I like it, nice and colourful - bit different
Shorts - Levi vintage, Ebay

My next buy is gonna be some Black Doc Martins! Birthday in a month and it's #1 on my list! 

Monday, 10 January 2011

bridget bardot

Bridget Bardot, I've always seen her as a classic beauty icon. There is something very unique about her look.

old photos

I love going through my phone during class and finding images I had taken and forgot about. This one was taken towards the end of NYE this year, my friends house was sooo cold! Hence the long boys hoodies I'm wearing! I'm with my friend Mel here - it's safe to say we were both pretty fucked!

Friday, 7 January 2011

VW shoes

THE things I would do to own these vivenne westwood shoes...

dazed & confused japan april 2010

drag queens? well dressed gays?
you don't see woman dressing up as men and performing a humorous drag act on stage.
what i'm trying to say is...
woman rule.

vwed4 Kirill Vasilev & Oskar Landström by Sharif Hamza in Vivienne Westwood | <em>Dazed & Confused Japan</em> April 2010

vwed1 Kirill Vasilev & Oskar Landström by Sharif Hamza in Vivienne Westwood | <em>Dazed & Confused Japan</em> April 2010

vwed2 Kirill Vasilev & Oskar Landström by Sharif Hamza in Vivienne Westwood | <em>Dazed & Confused Japan</em> April 2010

gareth pugh

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


VIVIENNE WESTWOOD is without a doubt my all time favourite designer. She is iconic. Whether you recognize her for her punk creations worn by the Sex Pistols in the 70's or by the fabulous wedding dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the SATC movie, she is a legend in her own right. To wear any of her designs would be my dream. I'd like to think my dress sense has a slight punky quirky vintage theme inspired by Westwoods, but in all honestly it doesn't because she is amazing at chucking colours patterns and bold shoes together and I am not!


Vivienne Westwood Red Label Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear


sales are on, loans are in (along with all the leftover christmas money) so of course shopping is what January is all about. Shopping and Uni work that is :( And me being me, have left it all to last minute and should be filling a sketchbook as I speak instead of bloggin but I just couldn't help but share some of my purchases :)

From top to bottom: green velvet long top, charity shop - Gold & Black lace floral top, charity shop - Black and white skirt, topshop - Denim jacket with studs, Primark.

Appoligies on the poor quality of the photographs, my friend has my memory card so I can't use my camera without it!


what i wore last night on a night out with the gals:

Levi shorts, vinatege, ebay - top (as seen above) the charity shop one! - Shoes miss selfridge - gold necklaces, one home made, other from primark! And my friend Charlottes dress is from Zara and its stunning!! leather at top and black cotton fabric below chest area- defo gonna borrow it off her!

Hope you have all been treating yourself this January too, you gotta start the new year with new outfit, or even better outfits! happy shopping ladies and gents :D

Sunday, 2 January 2011

how do you like your eggs in the morning?



whats in the wave?



how beautiful is this image?

Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie

For anyone who knows this album or loves it as much as me, I found this very interesting: 

Transatlanticism (album) is a story in itself,
1.The New Year- He went to a New Years party to just follow a crowd, and he explains why he doesn't like it.
2.Lightness- He finds a strange attraction to a girl at the New Years party and he persuades her into a relationship.
3.Title And Registration- The break up scene for Ben and the girl. She thought he was holding her back, so she left him.
4.Expo '86- He keeps getting back into a relationship with her, and they keep breaking up. They keep thinking it would do good to get together, but they then figure it only did them harm. But they still do the same thing over, and over again.
5.The Sound Of Settling- Kind of self explanatory, he settles down, finally, and he feels it might be the wrong thing to do...
6.Tiny Vessels- ...So he goes out to find himself another relationship, and the "moving together in the dark" part is one of his greatest mistakes. He thought this would do him good to get back out there but he just made a mistake to scar himself by laying with a beautiful girl when deep down he had no particular interest in her. He also somewhat wanted to make his REAL love jealous. (Bad move)
7.Transatlanticism- He was just about to be done healing from his emotional scar (from Tiny Vessels) and go apologize to his REAL love, and she left. And pretty far at that, all the way across the Atlantic! And just when he needs her the most she is gone, just like that.
8.Passenger Seat- The "So come ON!" line of Transatlanticism was him getting her to come back, and she did. So she met him, (I imagine an airport is where they met) and she is driving him home. He is just in a state of ecstasy because of the relief that this gave him, that she came back, and the love they share, complimented by a nice drive on a peaceful night down a country road. It doesn't get any better.
9.Death Of an Interior Decorator- You may not notice it at first, but this is tremendously depressing. She thought she would be happy, (the one Ben loves) but she has doubt built up in her, and the wedding gone bad she helped decorate for pushed her over the edge. She committed suicide. And imagine the pain this would give you.
10.We Looked Like Giants- This is a flashback of Ben's college years, he was with a girl he loved, and he thinks of getting with her again to help him get over his deceased love. But he figures it would be the wrong thing to do.
11.A Lack Of Color- He now is angry with of all his past mistakes. So he is trying to talk to his love, and he says its "fact not fiction, for the first time in years" that he says he means he want NOTHING else but her. And he picks up his phone to call her, but he only finds more sadness.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

NYE in a nutshell

9pm - predrinks at taya's

11pm - at the first club - me, zoe, georgia & taya
midnight - happy new years mova funkers
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2.30am - on route to the first house party

3am- fun times in the house party bathroom

4am - getting into a laundry basket at house party #3 seemed like a good idea..
5.30am - at paul & ruari's house last photo of the night :)