Friday, 28 January 2011

my week in photos

1) Me with a bald cap on. This week at uni were learnt how to put them on and make them up etc, was very funny seeing everyone with them on - I never realised how big my ears were until I was bald!
2) My grandparents house - me and my friend Sarah decided to take road trip to Bournemouth for the day/night and stayed at my grandparents which was really nice because they have a lush house and my nans cooking is amazing! We had Roast Pork and it was delish!
3) Highcliff Beach. On route to B-mouth we stopped off at Highcliff castle and went to the beach. It was beautiful so calm and peaceful, very windy and cold though, hence the 'windswept and interesting' look i'm working haha
4) Lava. Wednesday night we hit Bournmouth Town and went to a few bars and clubs, this was taken in Lava (in the toilets where else! lol) sarah, me & naomi - who attends Bournemouth uni who I know from home, was nice to see her again. 
5&6) My friends house party last night. Was a funny night - don't remember much! ha which the last photo reveals! 

hope you've all had a fun week :)
 i'm looking forward to having  nice relaxed weekend now. lots of uni work to do though :( 

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