Sunday, 14 August 2011

best friends are like sisters

So you know your friend has good taste in clothes when she comes to pick you up for a night out and you're wearing the same outfit! Yes this did actually happen with me and my home girl Sam.

When she turned up at my door step we both couldn't help but laugh at how similarly dressed we were. Some girls would be annoyed, not wanting to hit the town dressed in identical clothing to their best friend, worried that people would be thinking 'why are they dressed the same? Did they do that on  purpose? Thats pathetic...' but if anything, having Sam turn up in a similar short and top combo to mine reassured me that what I was wearing was appropriate for the evening. If anything it made the evening more enjoyable because we had something to laugh about the whole night! (an example: telling everyone me met we were sisters - everyone believed us) 

So also as you can see in the photo I bought THE shoes! :D the lush black River Island boots I mentioned in a previous post. They are super comfy and ideal for any season. Can't wait to match them with some skinny jeans when the winter months roll on by. 

The shorts are new too, Levi black ripped highwaisted from eBay. I've wanted some for so long now, and having a job has allowed me to finally buy some of the clothes on my wish list that is forever expanding. My next wish list item is Dr Martens in Cherry or Black... have yet to decide which colour! Knowing me I will probably give in to buying both.

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