Monday, 23 August 2010


So I'm a sucker for anything second hand or something my nan would wear. My most recent purchases have all been from charity shops like 'help the aged' & 'the British heart foundation' and it's amazing at the treasures you can find. Here are a few of my recent charity shops buys...
Pink Curtains with white flowers, for my newly decorated bedroom.
they are a bit short but I quite like that :)

floral skirt, which was long and pleated which I have so far 
cut and will hem when I can be bothered! 
tbh I will probably end up leaving it and inventing some
new fashion that makes fraying skirts look 'cool'. heres

Green strap top
I'm loving the colour green atm it's such
an all-year-round colour

pink sequinned jewellery box

patterned scarf
I love wearing scarfs like this one around my head
i'm well into the hippy/bo-ho look atm.
keeps hair out of your face too! :D

The best thing about all these items is that none of them cost me more than a fiver!
And another great thing about second hand clothing, is that its rare you see someone wearing the same outfit as you!

So next time you get your paycheck through or fancy a shopping trip, don't walk straight past the charity shops on the highstreet in a rush to get to the topshop sale section, but have a gander! And you won't feel indimated but the attractive staff like you do in all the top highstreet stores, 'cause all the staff are lovely sweet elderly ladies who are just delightful!



  1. Laura-Jayne... nice posts so far! i'm loving that floral skirt. and the patterned scarf is lush. wish i had long hair to wear it on my head like you. xoxo avs

  2. oh wait!!! i saw on this blog fashion champagne, the blogger did a post on how to tie it in a turban...think it would look pretty coosht on you! xoxo