Saturday, 30 July 2011

d.i.y pink ombre hair

I really like how it turned out, very subtle yet noticeable, contemplating taking the pink slightly higher up my hair and making the colour more intense, especially as the dye I used is only a semi-permenant which will fade after a lot of wear and tear. But for my first attempt at ombre-ing I'd say it went well! Kimmy loves it (my mother) which I was VERY surprised about as she is the definition of 'straight edge' (doesn't drink/smoke/swear - I often wonder if I was adopted) so if it's got kimmy's approval i'm a happy gal.
Dye I used: La Riche, Directions Sem-Permanent Hair Dye, Pastel Pink
-The way I did this will only work if you have naturally blonde or highlighted hair, or if like me, you have blonde extensions. If you're hair is darker blonde or brown, you most probably will have to bleach the ends of your hair first to an achieve an intense colour*. 
-Once you've chosen a colour you wish to ombre your hair with  [[ ]] < have a great rage of colours to choose from, but I wouldn't buy from this exact website, it's alot cheaper and easier to search on ebay which is what I did and it only cost me about £4 including postage!
-Using gloves or a tint brush (or if like me your lazy and don't give a shit about your skin, you hands**) to apply the dye to the ends of the extensions/yourhair:

Leave the hair to dry for as long as the dye says (la riche is 15mins)

After 15 mins, wash with warm water, shampoo if you wish, and brush through

-Then blow dry the hair on a low warm heat and style however you wish.

& there you have it! ombre hair :]

*Please be aware bleaching your hair damages it ALOT I know from experience when once upon a time I thought bleaching my whole head of hair would be a good idea... it wasn't. 
**However I don't advise this!

Friday, 29 July 2011

pink ombre

I recently came across this stunning image via tumblr and it's made me really want to ombre my hair pink! The only problem with this punky plan is that my hair length is far too short for it to look any good. My head would resemble that of a liquorice allsort (a two-toned square) and therefore my dreams of having 'cool hair' are crushed until my barnet grows.
However...I have hair extensions! 
So the plan is to do a pink strand test on the extenies, and hoping all goes well, I soon too could be sporting the ombre fashion trend. wish me luck!

shoes glorious shoes

I've always been shoe obsessed. I generally think shoes complete an outfit, and it's kind of a shame really because it's rare anyone ever compliments another on their choice footwear (especially men).

 I'm not sure I could date a guy that wore bad shoes. I mean feet are not exactly the most attractive part of the human body, but surely this should entice us to dress them in pretty shoes to hide the monstrosity underneath? (again, especially men)

I recently took a high street shopping trip with my sister and here are a few of my personal fave bad boy shoes than need to get into my life and onto my feet:

River Island, Black Wedge Boots, £60

Coral Sling Back Wedges, Office, £65
Clogs, Office, was £70 now £16 in the sale (Bargin!)

Dr Martens, Cherry, £54.99