Friday, 29 July 2011

shoes glorious shoes

I've always been shoe obsessed. I generally think shoes complete an outfit, and it's kind of a shame really because it's rare anyone ever compliments another on their choice footwear (especially men).

 I'm not sure I could date a guy that wore bad shoes. I mean feet are not exactly the most attractive part of the human body, but surely this should entice us to dress them in pretty shoes to hide the monstrosity underneath? (again, especially men)

I recently took a high street shopping trip with my sister and here are a few of my personal fave bad boy shoes than need to get into my life and onto my feet:

River Island, Black Wedge Boots, £60

Coral Sling Back Wedges, Office, £65
Clogs, Office, was £70 now £16 in the sale (Bargin!)

Dr Martens, Cherry, £54.99

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