Tuesday, 24 May 2011

oh yeah, I went there

I'm a girl obsessed:

Check me out, the now master of friendship bracelets!

...Moving on.
So today was another day of job hunting and playing with wool however with the added bonus of going to the cinema this evening with my lovely mother Kimmy. We went on a mother daughter adventure to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, which I must say was very good. Better than the last two and on par with the first film although not as funny. But if like me Johnny Depp is who you think about when you're having sex with an ugly person then you should definitely go see it just to see his gorgeous face as Captain Jack.

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  1. Make me one! <3

    POTC was well good wasn't it, defo better than the pile of wank that was the 3rd.

    Oh johnny...
    I definitely have two full size posters of him at home that I used to have in my room...put them in our new house? ;) xxx