Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The L Word

The big L.
The word that everyone wants to hear. A four letter word that, to some extent, makes our fragile little world go round.

I can honestly say I've never been in love. Loved, yes but actually in love with another living soul, no.
'Theres no difference!' I hear you bellow from those love infected lungs of yours. Well, in my opinion there is.
Of course I have loved, I still do love many. My family, close friends, perhaps an ex lover or two (even if my in-denial self refuses to admit it out loud) they all have a hold on that part of the brain where affection and pain lie. Pain? Yes pain. If anything love is good at it's causing pain. Love is having such strong feelings of happiness and joy in the presence of another person, that when they are taken away from you, or betray you, or upset you, nothing in the world could be as physically or mentally painful.
Being in love of course holds these same emotions, except the love is reciprocation. If you're in love, you are in some kind of loving relationship where by you love someone an equal amount as they love you. You're like magnets. An invisible force of feelings and energy connect you two together in a way that no one around you understands. Not even others in love. Because everyone's love story is different. If you're in a relationship where you feel you love tho other person more than they love you, then you are not in love. You just love.

That's my philosophy anyway.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

loving life

I am officially employed! The interview went well and he offered me a job there and then! I feel so fortunate to have got it, the thought of having to continue with the job hunt makes me nauseous. Whats even better about having a job, is having one that i actually like! It's so much fun being a Bar-gal! It's a cocktail bar so i've got to learn a billion different cocktail recipes, which is kind of long but i'm excited & determined to learn them all within 2 weeks. It wasn't until i got this job that i realised how many cocktails there actually are! I mean i had heard of a few, you know your stereotypical holiday cocktails such as 'sex on the beach', 'screaming orgasm' & 'bloody mary' (which quite frankly sounds bloody disgusting) but now i'm learning recipes for 'mojito-lycheeto's' & 'singapore sling's'. (yeah i don't have a fucking clue whats in them either)
 Never the less I am looking forward to a few months time when I am a cocktail master and i can juggle glasses off my face and catch bottles with my chest.