Tuesday, 7 June 2011

loving life

I am officially employed! The interview went well and he offered me a job there and then! I feel so fortunate to have got it, the thought of having to continue with the job hunt makes me nauseous. Whats even better about having a job, is having one that i actually like! It's so much fun being a Bar-gal! It's a cocktail bar so i've got to learn a billion different cocktail recipes, which is kind of long but i'm excited & determined to learn them all within 2 weeks. It wasn't until i got this job that i realised how many cocktails there actually are! I mean i had heard of a few, you know your stereotypical holiday cocktails such as 'sex on the beach', 'screaming orgasm' & 'bloody mary' (which quite frankly sounds bloody disgusting) but now i'm learning recipes for 'mojito-lycheeto's' & 'singapore sling's'. (yeah i don't have a fucking clue whats in them either)
 Never the less I am looking forward to a few months time when I am a cocktail master and i can juggle glasses off my face and catch bottles with my chest.

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