Monday, 23 May 2011

fuck gold i'm a platinum digger

So it's been some time since I wrote on this poor lonesome blog of mine. To be honest thats because my life has become some what of a bore. I am currently back home with the 'rents and in the process of looking for a summer job so I can afford the party lifestyle I live instead of letting Mr Overdraft pay for it. But like every man, he soon got fed up of me living out of his pocket, leaving me with no choice but to get a job like every other un-spoilt brat on this planet. 

So, I have spent much of my day and evening emailing various companies who probably won't even glance at my CV, in hope that one hopeless soul feels sorry for me and employs me. However considering two months ago I applied for McDonalds and have heard nothing since, my hopes for any form of employment are not particularly high.

Anyway, so as I am currently unemployed and now poor, there is very little for me to do with myself. There is only so much Jeremy Kyle & Loose Women a girl can watch, and so I have taken up a few hobbies. One being reading (which I will blog about another time) and the other making friendship bracelets. Yes i'm well aware it sounds lame and childish, but I have the concentration span of a small child, so playing with coloured wool and making pretty patterns with it is highly entertaining for a simple gal like me.

However, since starting this childish hobby of mine a matter of days ago, I fear It may soon transform into an uncontrollable obsession. And heres why.....

(don't judge me I did warn you I'm a big kid)

I generally thing this is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life.

And so to save me from unemployment related boredom, I intend to make a home made version of this square of doom using cardboard, and after some time I will have an army of friendship bracelets to which I will carry and give away freely like an old man with toffees.

...Someone please employ me.

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