Thursday, 10 February 2011

Naomi Campbell wore this?

Yesterday was quite easily one of the best days of my life!
A photographer friend texted me the day before yesterday asking if I could model last minute for a vintage fashion shoot for a 3rd year fashion styling student, who was creating a vintage clothing 2012 calender to be printed and sold in the vintage clothing store she borrowed all the clothes for the shoot from. (Unfortunatly I don't know the name of this store but I will find out asap!) So I obviously agreed to help out, not that i'm much of a model! But I thought i'd give it my best shot. So I arrived at the shoot and the 3rd year student named Steph & her assistant Lucy  (both absolutely lovely!) introduced themselves and told me that they wanted me to get in the dress before the hair and make-up so not to get any make-up on the dress. Steph then told me the dress is worth £900 and the last person to wear it was Naomi Campbell!! I was like "what?!?! how did the vintage store let you borrow a £900 dress so precious? " "A lot of arse licking" to which she replied. Lol. The dress was gorgeous, black long sleeved bodycon with a woolen like snood neckline which hung low, there were hole patterns going down the dress diagonally across my torso which revealed my pale flesh, but It was lush!
I also wore an £85 pair of shoes and a back vintage playsuit worth £350 which was also stunning!
I will get photos up as soon as I get hold of them and I also get a copy of the finished calender! Which I will also put up once I have it :) Steph thinks I will be Miss November or one of the other winter months, as it's a very dark look. Ahh can't wait to see the finished product!

My hair looked like this

And Lips This red

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