Sunday, 13 February 2011

long hair is cool

i hate my hair.
it's short blonde and shit.
naturally a wavy frizzy mess it's not the easiest thing in the world to work with. so like a good 75% of girls my age i wear extensions. but it's got to that time of year where i need a new batch. i'm more blonde now and so my current extensions don't quite match the colour of my hair (perfectionist) and so i'm gonna have to flog out £30 on some new ones. I would much perfer to pay the extra and get them sewn in to my natural hair - however being the lazy girl i am, the time and effort of getting this done is beyond my energy levels.
so this post is just a random pointless selection of images of some beautiful girls with beautiful long hair that i am jealous of, it's as simple as that.

Shoes From Dr.Marten, Blouse From Secondhand, Dress From H&M

Clubcouture Top+Skirt From <A Href=, Bag

Klänning, Armband From Indiska

Thrifted Chiffon Top, +Ruckus Multi Layered Necklace From Http://Ruckusaccessories.Multiply.Com/, Forever 21 Shorts, Michael Kors Bag

Leather Shorts From Thrifted, Sheer Blouse From Vampclothing.Blogspot.Vom, Vamp  Cross Necklace From Vampclothing.Blogspot.Com

Giorgio Brato Leather Jacket, 00044 Black Sweat, Helmut Lang Tee Shirt

Topshop Tee Shirt, Veromoda Fake Leather Trousers, Doc Martens

Sam Edelman Boota, Mulberry Bag


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