Monday, 18 October 2010

who even knows

I have literally spent the day in bed. Or by the toilet..hangover. I will never learn. I'm one of those lucky people who can hold their drink until the morning after. I really should stop drinking once i'm drunk, as opposed to drinking until I run out of money. Last night wasn't even worth throwing up over. My motto is generally 'if you wake up with your make-up still on and unable to remember anything from the night before except being sick in the club toilet, it's been a good night'. But last night definitely didn't fit into that category.  

Bought lots more goodies from my favourite shop in the world.... the british heart foundation. I just love charity shops. Nothing makes me happier than taking something that no one wants and giving it a home on my body. I also love vintage clothing because the nightmare of ever going out and seeing someone wearing the same outfit as you is almost none existent. And yeh topshop is nice and that but it's far too over priced for my student funds to handle. 

I'm gonna start using my diggie SLR cammy more I have decided. Need to properly learn how to use it manually (did photography a-level but I was a rebel at school and refused to listen and instead did things my own juvenile) so yeah might actually eventually take some semi-good shots. Got a couple of photoshoots coming up for my course anyway and also doing photoshop lesson so hopefully I will be an impressive photographer this time next month.... 
who even knows. 

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