Sunday, 28 November 2010


I just love the 60's. Everything about it. The fashion, the music, the people, the history. So much went on in that decade and I'm gutted I couldn't be apart of it. But this post is as you can most likely tell by the title is an expression of my love for Twiggy. She was the start of a fashion sensation that showed the world that not all woman were gifted with the sexy curvaceous body of big boobs and baby baring hips; but that there were woman out there that pretty much had the figure of a boy. 50 years on, and the tables have very much so turned with all catwalk models baring their bones, and anyone above a size 8 to be 'plus size'. A crying shame. But none the less, Twiggy was beautiful and here are some of my favourite photos of her. 

These images make me wanna start drawing on eyelashes! They look so sultry. Love it!

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